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  • Set realistic goals

    18. febrúar, 2023
    Today's ideals can become tomorrow’s reality, no matter what anyone says. These do not have to be grandiose. Simple goals
  • Eat healthy food in the company of others

    17. febrúar, 2023
    Eating is one of the basic needs of life. The way we feel is closely linked to our diet. Eat
  • Remember to smile

    16. febrúar, 2023
    A sense of humor helps us to see ourselves and others in a different and more positive light, and allows
  • Think positively; it’s easier

    15. febrúar, 2023
    Positivity is the basis of well-being because without positive thoughts, well-being is minimal. It can be argued that positivity is
  • Do not give up; success in life is a marathon

    14. febrúar, 2023
    The better we prepare for the marathon of life, the less likely we are to overexert ourselves. That is why
  • Do not complicate your life unnecessarily

    13. febrúar, 2023
    True happiness lies in simplifying your life. To focus on your needs rather than your desires - prioritising. It is
  • Compliment people

    12. febrúar, 2023
    "Nice hair. Cool jacket. Good food. You're doing well." You don’t have to say this all at once, but everyone
  • Do a good deed without telling anyone

    11. febrúar, 2023
    It is remarkable what you can achieve in this life if you do not care who gets the recognition. Taking
  • Exercise daily

    10. febrúar, 2023
    Times have changed. A sedentary lifestyle is increasingly common while the speed and stress of modern existence has increased. That
  • Find three good qualities in yourself and say them out loud

    9. febrúar, 2023
    We all have talents and human qualities. When we feel vulnerable it can do wonders to say our three major

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