Cultivate the mind and support Geðhjálp

This winter, Geðhjálp, the Icelandic Mental Health Alliance, offers daily doses of small, straightforward tips intended to improve mental health. We call those tips “vitamin G”.

  • Do not give up; success in life is a marathon

    The better we prepare for the marathon of life, the less likely we are to overexert ourselves. That is why it is important to build yourself up, both mentally and physically. But what does it mean to be successul in the race? Is it how fast we run, how well we run or how many people watch us run? Applaud us? Love us? Who has the authority do decide the meaning of success in the race? Should we not be allowed to be in charge, keeping in mind that the race, i.e. life, is a common journey for all of us where the first to reach the finish line does not necessarily win? The victory lies in what you did on the journey. 

    14. febrúar, 2023

G vitamin fragrance drops

This year, Geðhjálp also offers special G vitamin fragrance drops, which are to be used alongside daily habits to boost mental health. The drops come with instructions for their use along with a QR code which sends the user to the daily vitamin G advice.

“vitamin G” tips

Vitamin G is based on the Ten Commandments of Mental Health and the 14 Words of Life by Héðinn Unnsteinsson and Þórdís Rúnarsdóttir. See further details at and

Fáðu sendan daglegan G vítamínskammt í tölvupósti