We all have to nurture and protect our mental health. Just as with physical health, where everyone is advised to take their daily vitamins, many small things add up to make a big difference in mental health.

This winter, Geðhjálp, the Icelandic Mental Health Alliance, therefore offers 30 doses of “vitamin G”: small, straightforward tips intended to improve mental health.

The goal is to strengthen the mental health of Icelanders while preventing setbacks and protecting us in adversity. With daily intake of this “vitamin G”, we develop stronger immunity because these simple tips are protective elements for mental health.
Each window of the calendar contains one dose and daily advice can be found on gvitamin.is, Facebook and Instagram. Watch out for us there, especially on Wednesdays when larger doses of vitamin G are published.

Lots of amazing, mental health improving prizes will be awarded to lucky contestants. All you have to do is take part and take advantage of Vitamin G, which is free and without side effects!

Vitamin G is based on the Ten Commandments of Mental Health and the 14 Words of Life by Héðinn Unnsteinsson and Þórdís Rúnarsdóttir. See further details at landlaeknir.is and hedinn.org/lifsordin14