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We all know that it is healthy to exercise and take our vitamins daily. But sometimes we forget to nurture and protect our mental health. That is why we recommend a daily dose of vitamin G, especially during the darkest winter months.

This winter, Geðhjálp, the Icelandic Mental Health Alliance, offers daily doses of small, straightforward tips intended to improve mental health. We call those tips “vitamin G”.

This year, Geðhjálp also offers special G vitamin drops, which are to be used alongside daily habits to boost mental health. The drops come with instructions for their use along with a QR code which sends the user to the daily vitamin G advice.

Lucky owners of G vitamin drops will also receive an extra G vitamin, but among the winnings are a hotel stay, 200.000 ISK gift card from Icelandair, a restaurant meal, and 80.000 ISK at Kron Kron, to name a few.

The vitamin G will be available in Icelandic, English and Polish. We will also distribute 30 videos which will go over the daily G vitamin tips in more detail. The G vitamin drops are produced in a collaboration with Angan, which focuses on clean and sustainable products.

All proceeds of the G vitamin drops will go to Styrktarsjóður geðheilbrigðis, a mental health sponsorship fund which is meant to promote progress in mental health, by offering grants to projects which can improve the mental health of Icelanders and a greater understanding of the field.

Vitamin G is based on the Ten Commandments of Mental Health and the 14 Words of Life by Héðinn Unnsteinsson and Þórdís Rúnarsdóttir. See further details at and 

The vitamin G drops cost ISK 4,500 but the drops can be obtained from Geðhjálp by calling 570 1700 or at

Daily dose of vitamin G advice by e-mail

Fáðu sendan daglegan G vítamínskammt í tölvupósti